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With our huge database of houses, flats and apartments for sale we are able to supply the house price information you need as part of your house search - for any area in the UK.

Simply search by postcode or street address using the search box above to instantly view the latest house sale prices for that area. We store up to ten years of historical house price data so we are able to show you a graph showing the house price trends as well as average house prices. To see and example click here to view sold house prices and trends for NW8 9AT, Abbey Gardens in London..

Compare House Prices By Postcode

You can use this tool to compare the houses you find on the market, and evaluate past house price patterns and to help anticipate how house prices are going to change in the coming months in your chosen area. If you are selling your house then our house price information can help you set the right price for your property for your local market. For buyers you can compare similar properties in the local area, or house prices for specific streets. The data is based on actual sold prices rather than asking prices - you can use the main search box on to search the same postcode to see current asking prices for properties for sale and how they compare with successful sales.

House Price Guides

Don’t forget to read our House Prices Guide as part of your research too, as well as our other Property Guides and to find out more background about your property search location use our Area Guides.

Area Guide

You can now browse regions, counties and towns to find your perfect property. We will also tell you all you need to know about the area too!