About Need a Property

Who we are and what we do

A clutter free environment makes for a clutter free mind, so we have made our site very easy to use and you are only ever one click away from finding your dream home.

With up to date listings being added every day by estate agents, you can be assured that Needaproperty.com will show you the very latest properties to help you with your search. We are available online, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We offer over and above the normal functionality with in-depth house price data ensuring that you have all the information you need to ensure you make the right decision when choosing your property.

We are dedicated to making your search for your new home as easy as we possibly can.

Need a Property.com is powered and owned by Houser.co.uk and Houser.co.uk took its first baby step on January 12, 2015, and just like any other newborn, it will learn to crawl, walk and then run; but Houser is trained from day one to lead.

Everything we are working towards is aimed to evoke “wow” and “How did you do that” responses. As you read further, you will agree that Houser means business, but most importantly, as you start using it – we want you to be amazed.

Houser is packing a lot of treats and intuitive features, the likes of which you won’t find everywhere. There is an interesting story behind the idea but the final offering was built around solid questions like:

Which group is most suitable for controlling the property industry’s growth? The estate agents, the property portals or the consumers?
How will people consume real estate related information in the future?
What is the best business model that can be adopted by the estate agents and provides value to the consumers?
Can a freemium model work for real estate?

After considerable research and brainstorming we came to the following conclusion:

Charging estate agents to list their properties is a broken business model and is not in the best interest of the consumers.

Hence, we decided to make Houser free, even though we knew from the outset that it didn’t have to be so. Most big agents can afford paying for subscriptions, but we didn’t want to isolate the smaller businesses.

Moreover, if you look around, free and freemium models have created giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. If these models work in those industries, why can’t they work in Real Estate?

We believe in the end what matters most is the value being provided, and everyone in the equation (professionals and consumers) looks at their own best interests.

Our Goal was to:

Create the largest repository of “for Sale” and “to Rent” listings so consumers can come to one place to find whatever they are looking for.

Making it free would:

Reduce the friction and provides the consumers with larger inventory.